Cherokee County Christmas Parade

Night Parade.png

  Night Parade

Thursday, November 30, 2017      6 pm

Line up @ 5 pm  (from DC Gas back toward Ingles Supermarket)

  1. Only 1 Santa (designated by Parade Committee)
  2. Absolutely NO Candy or other objects allowed to be thrown except by Santa.
  3. No more than 2 individuals are allowed to ride on hood or seat back of one car.
  4. If children are riding on a float there must be adults walking beside float or riding on float for protection and safety of the children.
  5. Signs should be BOLD black lettering for easy reading. Glitter on top of lettering is permitted.  Music is allowed.  Floats should be designed to be viewed from both sides.
  1. All floats should have escort vehicles to and from the parade line up for safety.
  2. Floats will be judged prior to parade. All floats must be in line up position by 5 pm for judging.  
  3. NO FEE to be in parade. Monetary awards will be given to float winners.  Categories are   Business/Municipality, Civic/Non-Profit, and Schools


For more information:  256-927-8455 or


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