Crossroads Garden

It was our honor and pleasure to  participate in the
Ground Breaking
of the
Open Spaces Sacred Places Garden – CROSSROADS GARDEN
at the site on the grounds of Hopewell Community Center today.

Crossroads Garden Aug 18 025.JPG

Jennifer Maddox , Edna Jennings, Peggy Dempsey, Barry Kerr, Judge Tim Burgess, Shelia Mobley, Fred Smith, Thereasa Hulgan


McCords Crossroads Homemakers Club was awarded a grant by the Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama.  They have planned, designed and are now ready to build an open and sacred green space that will serve their community and surrounding areas.  The CFNEA grant is to facilitate a deeper understanding of the legacy of Susie Parker Stringfellow and the development of a sacred space that can be used as a place of reflection, healing, unity and community well being.

This is a first for Cherokee County and we are very proud of the McCord’s Crossroads Homemakers Club !!!

Crossroads Garden Aug 18 030.JPG

Jennifer Maddox, Edna Jennings, Shelia Mobley, Fred Smith

Edna Jennings & Shelia Mobley received special recognition for all their hard work on this project.

 Refreshments were delicious as always !


We are so happy for the McCord’s Crossroads Homemakers Club .   Thank you for all you do for your community and Cherokee County !

Crossroads Garden Aug 18 020.JPG



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