Event Venues in Cherokee County

Rental venues in Cherokee County, Alabama.

Contact one of our Chamber Members .  Let them help plan  the perfect  space for your wedding, corporate event, or party.


Angel Farm Venue & Rocky Hollow Pumpkin Patch

336 Rocky Hollow Road

Cave Spring, GA 30124

(256) 475-3030

Chattokee Lodge

Chattokee Lodge, LLC

1877 Alabama Highway 35

Gaylesville, AL 35973

Cherokee Rock Village

2000 County Road 70

Sand Rock, AL 35983

(256) 523-3799

Cornwall Furnace

County Road 251

Cedar Bluff , AL 35959

Dry Creek Chapel, LLC

674 Blue Pond Road

Leesburg, AL 35983

4322 Little River Trail NE

Fort Payne, AL 35967

(256) 845-3548

LRC Mouth Park Fall

Little River Lodge & Cherokee Cabins

1975 County Road 275

Fort Payne, AL 35967

The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place @ Bay Springs Country Inn

130 County Road 112

Centre, AL 35960

The Magnolia House on Weiss Lake

1120 County Road 165

Cedar Bluff , AL 35959

the Secret B&B.jpg

356 Alabama Highway 68 West

Leesburg, AL 35983

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